• The rooms listed are reserved for the conference and receive the conference discount. Other rooms at each hotel may be available but the conference discount may not apply.
  • When calling please specify that you wish to book one of the rooms reserved by Earth System Governance Conference or give the specific booking code.

Hotel and Contact Details
(Add +81 and exclude the first 0 if you are calling from abroad)

Prices are listed in JPY
(October 2012)

Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyo
Tel (81) (0) 3-5457-0109
Fax (81) (0) 3-5457-0309

Language: English and Japanese
Single Room – 18,680JPY
Double Room (King) – 26,1764JPY
CONFIRMATION NAME: Earth System Governance Conference
*Breakfast is included
Tokyu Stay Aoyama Premier
Tel (81) (0) 3-3497-0109

Language: English and Japanese
Single Room Non-smoking – 14,000JPY
Single Room Smoking – 14,000JPY
Single Room Non-Smoking Premier – 15,500JPY
Single Room women only floor – 15,500JPY
Double Non-Smoking – 24,500JPY
Double Smoking – 24,500JPY
*Breakfast is included
Shibuya Tokyu Inn
Tel (81) (0) 3-3498-0109
Fax (81) (0) 3-3498-0189

Language: Japanese
Single Room – 13,750JPY
Double Room – 18,200JPY
*Breakfast is included
Tokyo central Youth Hostel
Tel (81) (0) 3-3235-1107
Fax (81) (0) 3-3267-4000

Language: English and Japanese
Dormitory (non-member) – 3,960JPY
Dormitory (member) – 3,360JPY
*Breakfast is NOT included
Shinagawa Prince Hotel
Tel (81) (0) 3440-1111
Single Room – 10,400JPY
*Breakfast is included
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