Writing Workshop

Special features of the Earth System Governance Tokyo Conference included the first ever Writing Workshop. Two writing workshops were hosted by Conference Manager Erin Kennedy and Graphic Facilitator Karina Mullen. The workshops provided participants with the opportunity to discuss academic writing within Earth System Governance and to form collaborative writing projects.

The purpose of the writing workshop is to bring together scholars of different backgrounds to collaborate on pre-determined themes with the intention of laying the foundation for a writing project. Writing projects may include books, journal articles and/or reviews of current projects. Participants can expect to find other researchers with whom they can collaborate on ongoing writing projects. The writing session will provide a unique opportunity to not only network with other researchers who are focusing on similar topic areas but to also begin to lay the foundation and outline of a writing project. The International Research Office of the Earth System Governance Project at the UNU-IAS will act as the long-term contact point for ongoing collaborative writing projects and networks in which participants can continue to stay connected and access information following the Earth System Governance Tokyo Conference.

Graphic Facilitation provided by Karina Mullen

30 January 11:00-12:30 in Women’s Plaza 1B (2F)
30 January 16:00-12:30 in Women’s Plaza 1B (2F)

The basic structure of each 90 minute workshop is as follows:
1. (10 mins) Introduction of participants and area of focus
2. (50 mins) World Cafe format group discussion on the academic writing process and key areas that should be developed within Earth System Governance.
3. (30 mins) Review of writing project. Here participants will exchange writing projects and provide feedback.

World Cafe Style Discussion Topics:

“What are the key areas we should focus on in academic writing on Earth System Governance?”

“Where are the gaps/ what is important and currently missing in academic writing on Earth System Governance?”

“How can we better focus on these key areas/fill these gaps?”

What to prepare:
Bring a writing project that you are currently working on and would like to receive feedback on.