Parallel Sessions

Instructions for Parallel Sessions

For all parallel sessions timeslots of 90 minutes are reserved. Most sessions consist of 4 paper presentations and each presenter will have about 15 minutes for presentation and 5-10 minutes for questions and answers. It is up to the presenter whether or not to prepare a Power Point presentation. If you do, please have your presentation uploaded at the laptop in the room of your session before the session starts. Volunteers will provide assistance if needed. In general, each presentation will be followed by a few minutes Q&A before the next presentation starts. Session chairs can however choose for other formats, for example combining Q&A on all presentations and a general discussion at the end of the session.

If you are chairing a session, your primary responsibility is time management. Please make sure that the speakers stay within the allocated time limit. To this end, it is helpful to subtly inform the speakers during the presentations when they have 3 and 1 minutes left at their disposal. In addition, it is helpful to briefly introduce the speakers with name and affiliation, and to make sure that all presentations are uploaded on the computer prior to the start of the session. Furthermore, as a chair, you are supposed to coordinate the discussion or questions from the audience at the end of the session.

Download the Parallel Sessions here. Please note these sessions are subject to change.