Panel Proposal

In addition to the regular submission of paper abstracts, the 2013 Tokyo Conference on Earth System Governance also welcomes the submission of panel proposals.

To ensure overall quality of papers and a fair competition with individual paper abstracts, all papers to be presented in proposed sessions will have to be selected through the double-blind peer review process. Therefore, all abstracts belonging to a proposed panel need to be submitted as regular individual abstracts though the Abstract Submission.

Maximum 5 papers can be submitted in a panel proposal.

If 3 or more papers of the proposed panel pass the review process, the panel will be accepted. Note that the panel may only include the accepted papers. If less than 3 papers pass the review process, the panel will be rejected but the accepted papers will be included in the conference programme as individual papers.

Panel proposals should be sent in word format by email to the Earth System Governance Tokyo Conference Office ( before 1 October 2012 and should include:

  • Panel title
  • Name of proposing organisation / individual
  • Name and full contact details of contact person
  • Name and affiliation of panel chair
  • Panel abstract (max 200 words)
  • Title, author, affiliation of author and name of each paper to be presented in the panel

Download “Submission of Proposal” (259KB PDF)